Privé Pet Gives Back

At Privé Pet, we are dedicated to raising awareness about many animal welfare issues and are happy to donate a portion of our profits to various animal welfare and rescue groups. 

Our founder is especially interested in helping puppy mill dogs as her muse and inspiration for Privé Pet was a puppy mill rescue. 

 @fattythechi a puppy mill survivor


Dauphine-Bijoux, otherwise known by her nickname and Instagram handle @FattyTheChi was rescued from a rural puppy mill in Pennsylvania.  She was forced to start breeding at the age of 1 (much too early to breed) and had two litters that we know of.

Unfortunately, due to her small size and young age, both litters resulted in puppies that were too weak to survive and Dauphine-Bijoux was discarded as she was not able to make the puppy mill money by producing puppies.

Luckily for Dauphine-Bijoux and our founder Tamae Ishii, they found each other on and they have been inseparable ever since! 😍 

Since learning about the plight of her rescued pup, our founder has taken a great interest in helping all kinds of animals that are put into cruel and precarious situations including cats, dogs, and other animals that are inhumanely bred for profit, animals used for entertainment purposes (circus, racing, fighting, etc.) as well as abandoned and abused animals, especially senior/special needs animals. 

Some of our favorite charities include:

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