Our Inspiration

On a personal level, Privé Pet was inspired by the love and adoration that our founder Tamae Elizabeth has had for all of the many dogs and cats that she has owned throughout her life.  

The pets that had the biggest impact on her however were her rescued Chihuahua Dauphine-Bijoux and her two Persian cats Princess Chloé and Henri-Pierre.  

Perhaps this stems from the fact that these three beloved pets were the first pets that she owned by herself as an adult.  

She was an extremely devoted dog and cat mother to them and only wanted the best for her "fur children."  This inspired Tamae Elizabeth, coupled with her background in fashion design to create Privé Pet, an exclusive collection of beautiful items with well thought out functionality to make every pets life as well as their owners life as comfortable and fashionable as possible.  

We welcome all of you pet lovers to our "pack" and hope you will enjoy what we have to offer!


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