About Privé Pet

Tamae Elizabeth Ishii, Founder & Creative Director of Privé Pet LLC

Hello and welcome to Privé Pet, the premier destination for high-quality and beautifully designed products for your beloved pets! At Privé Pet, our mission is to design and produce products that are not only functional but also cruelty-free. 

My name is Tamae Elizabeth, and I've been a passionate pet lover since I was a child. Twelve years ago, my life changed when I adopted a tiny 3-pound puppy mill rescue, Dauphine-Bijoux.  As a New York City dog, I knew I had to find a good carrier to tote my new pup around town in, but I was unable to find a stylish and functional dog carrier that was small enough for my new Chihuahua.

As a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design and with experience working for top couturiers like Valentino Garavani, I decided to use my fashion design background to create a beautiful yet functional bag that was chic enough to take my pup on daily walks in Central Park or shopping on Madison Avenue and thus the "Dauphine" bag was born.

Our flagship product, the "Dauphine" bag, is proudly manufactured in New York City's famous garment district. We're committed to providing pet owners with the highest quality pet products that cater to the comfort and safety of their pets'.

As we work on designing the best products and accessories for your pets, we will be launching an entire lifestyle brand of gorgeous and innovative products for dogs, cats, and their humans to enjoy very soon!

At Privé Pet, we understand the importance of protecting our planet, which is why we're committed to using sustainable materials whenever possible. Our cruelty-free products are designed to make pet owners feel good about their purchase while also being eco-friendly.

We hope you will join our pack of pet lovers and experience the sophistication, luxury, and elegance of Privé Pet!

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