Our Story

Privé Pet was inspired by our founder Tamae Elizabeth's deep love for French style and the history of Marie Antoinette and the French aristocracy. As a Francophile, Tamae was particularly inspired by Marie Antoinette's passion for fashion and style, and how she used her wardrobe to express herself.

However, Tamae's inspiration for Privé Pet also came from a personal experience. She rescued a tiny, malnourished three-pound Chihuahua who had been neglected and used as breeding stock from a puppy mill in rural Pennsylvania.

Tamae wanted a better life for this precious pup and named the little dog Dauphine-Bijoux and became obsessed with treating her like royalty as her first 2 years in life had been rough. After rescuing Dauphine-Bijoux, Tamae could not find a suitable carrier that was both fashionable, functional, and small enough for her new pup, so she decided to use her fashion design background to design her own dog carrier.

Tamae's love for both fashion and pets led her to create Privé Pet, which incorporates the luxurious and stylish elements of French aristocracy with functional and practical designs for pets. At Privé Pet, we believe that pets deserve the same level of care and attention to detail as their human companions, and we strive to create elegantly designed products that reflect that belief.

We are committed to offering aesthetically pleasing, innovative, and functional designs that are not only safe for pets but also vegan and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to create a lifestyle brand for pets and their owners who demand the best in quality and design for their furry family members.

Our founder's passion for French style, her love for pets, and her personal experience with rescuing a tiny Chihuahua have come together to create a unique and innovative pet brand that combines fashion, functionality, and exceptional quality. We hope that our products will bring joy and comfort to pets and their owners alike!

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